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Kick’N It in the Light!

Kick’N It – Private Soccer Lessons

*Fueled by Lightspiration*

My mission statement is to provide unique coaching lessons with educational and motivating methodologies that will enhance the game of my students. In addition, I implement my positive and inspiring mantra, Lightspiration, that I use to strengthen the mentality for successful future longevity in all areas of my student’s lives.

The beauty of attempting to Travel Your Light, is the opportunity to excel with the energy and euphoria that heightens your life. As I Travel My Light, I can continue Kick’N It everywhere I go!

I am following my passion with soccer to connect and inspire with people all over the country and eventually the world. I travel my light, I get to connect with more people, make a greater impact, and flourish by the fuel from Lightspiration.

Kick’N It is my platform to coach the sport I love while teaching life lessons in the process. My mission is to not only help your child grow as a soccer player but also to help them develop in other areas of their life such as strength of mentality, perception of the game and life, constructing goal setting and even fitness training. I want to coach the players who are enthusiastic to learn and will give their best at every training session. There are no limits on who I will coach, as long as they are willing to work, then I know I can help.

Our first meeting will consist of a discussion on what you want to get out of your training sessions as well as future aspirations for your child. From there, I will develop training sessions as we go along, so I can evaluate the progression of the student.

LOCATION: Las Cruces, New Mexico

My lessons are flexible to be located wherever you feel most comfortable meeting whether that be a mutual site or the comfort of your own home.

*This May, I will be moving to St. Lucie, Florida. As I pursue to Travel My Light to Florida, I will be hosting lessons along the way, so stay tuned!


Option 1 Lesson: 60 Minutes — Cost $50    *For one student only.

Option 2 Lesson: 60 Minutes + 30 minute increments — Cost $65/hr  *Can split with groups of 4.

Option 3 Speed and Agility Lesson: 30 Minutes — Cost $25  *Can add to Option 1 at discounted $20.

This type of training will not be for everyone. I follow my intuition on fueling my sessions by Lightspiration. The sessions will be physically challenging but also mentally demanding. It is important to me that I hear what my students have to say before I insert my opinion.  I expect the students to be open to learning new perspectives and willing to apply those in training.

I want to help my students grow on all levels. How will do that? My enthusiasm and passion will show you. Kick’N It is my method to making a positive impact on the lives of those I get to connect with. At the end of the session, my goal is to leave my student feeling motivated, inspired, and exhausted from a great workout both physically and mentally.

Don’t hesitate, let’s connect and start Kick’n It!


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