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The Beginning

Sitting in a sauna after a long workout…pondering…


Three years later…Here I am…Traveling MY Light fueling my journey through Lightspiration.

We were seniors in college. My best friend and I made this word “Lightspiration” which at the time meant nothing more than highlighting our enthusiastic efforts to make people happy by “spreading light.” As excited and inspired as we were, we went with the flow and never truly designed our purpose. Unfortunately, nothing more became of this marvelous idea until now, three years later, as I sit and reflect on my life since then. In this moment, as I flash back on my journey since my last semester in college, I realize now more than ever that I have found the purpose of Lightspiration.

Focus on the process. You’ll be surprised what you may find.

Ever since I graduated college, my life has been a series of fortunate events. Completely unpredictable to say the least. It has been nothing but an adventure of spontaneous, risky, ironic, and very fulfilling memories. No professor, mentor, transcript, book, or loving relative could have guided me to be where I am today. Everything in my life, up to this point, has come to some interesting, ironic premises. Makes it more fun huh? However, I have come to enjoy the thrill of the unknown, exciting, but also stressful parts that fill in all the cracks to the bigger picture. It makes life feel like I am watching a suspenseful movie that is putting me on the edge of my seat (like that will help me get closer to find out what happens next.)

Although the unpredictable lifestyle has its perks, there is definitely some hardships such as hearing “You need to get a real job” because all your friends are going on to be adults in the real world, or the good saying “Your student loans are going to kick in soon, you better be ready.” Come on man, cut a girl some slack here. Can’t I just live the life I want to live and not have to worry about paying bills, getting health insurance, or worrying about tax returns? My original plan was to continue on to graduate school after I completed my bachelors where I would get to be a graduate assistant soccer coach somewhere, but that fell through, so here I was with a college degree and nothing planned.

Fortunately after college, I had a dear friend who was a supervisor at a small company affiliated with a casino. My college degree paid off everyone! I got a full time job as a customer service representative at an online horse wagering company. Yes, you read me correct. An online horse wagering company! I didn’t even know something like this existed, however, I came to find that my time there was very well spent. I was enthusiastic about learning how to wager on horses, I loved helping old men with their wagering accounts, and I even got a few regular customers who started to know me by name. Not only was I enjoying this new job, I also found myself in a solid routine. Within the mix of this all, I had an enlightening moment come over me one random day. My childhood dream to play professional soccer came alive inside me again. Even though I was working full time, I committed to practicing and working out as much as I could. I would get up early enough to go train at my high school, go to the gym to lift, shower, then hop on I70 to drive for 30 minutes to the casino and horse track for a full days work.

About a month and a half into the job, I got a tiny upgrade at work. They decided to advance me a little quicker since I picked up the first stage so well. All I was concerned about was being able to do more things at work. There was days were it was slow, and I would find myself putting small wagers on races throughout the day or writing my thoughts down on a word document to just help time pass by.

I was getting into my third month at my new job when I couldn’t take being held back from all the mightiness I had trying to bust out from inside me. It was frustrating not being pushed every day like I am used to (says the athlete in me). Eventually, I spoke with my college coach one random day about finding graduate assistant coaching positions. I asked her to let me know if she heard of any coaching opportunities that she hears of so I could apply and pursue something more for myself. As I was driving to work the next day, BAM! I get a text from coach saying that West Virginia Wesleyan College was looking for a part-time assistant coach. Ironically, my first initial thought was ABSOLUTELY NOT. How could I go coach a team that I relentlessly HATED throughout my four years of college? There was no way. It didn’t seem practical in any way, shape or form. A few days later, I gave the head coach a call. He invited me for an on-campus interview, and I accepted the job a few days later as the Lady Bobcats newest assistant women’s soccer coach. I had never been so terrified before in my life. How was I going to do this? What on earth did I get myself into? Two weeks later, I packed up my Jeep and drove two and a half hours to the small town of Buckhannon, WV.


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