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Sunday Energy: Seek Peace

Look closely. What do you see?

In the midst of a chaotic week, I always try to find some time for myself to seek peace.

As the week flew by, I found myself in a stressful state that I hadn’t felt in quite some time. While I was participating in a training session, I took a moment to myself. I loo down, and what do I see but a penny facing heads up right at my feet.

Thinking how ironic this could be. I am on a soccer field. Do you know how big a soccer field is? Then I have the guidance to lead me to this spot, where I take a moment to myself, and find my answer I have been seeking. This is my peace. Instantly a grin was shown upon my face, a small chuckle, and I was relieved of my stress.

We all can get caught up in the stress from a week of work, but if you take a moment to look around, you never know what you may find.

If you don’t know the story of finding a penny on the ground, here it is. If you see a penny “heads up” then you pick it up and take it for good luck. That is a sign that someone is watching over you. If it is “tails” then you flip it heads up for someone else to pick up. You then gave that person good luck.

QUESTION: Every penny I find, I keep. What do you think I should do with all the pennies? I created a symbol called a “Lucky Light Penny” that I was giving to people for good luck. Any thoughts/feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Here is to a new week with endless possibilities. As I Travel My Light, I hope you all try to do the same. Trust the process and be patient that your light is guiding you to your destiny. Travel Your Light, Be Authentic, Live Extraordinary.

All the best and much love,



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