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Sunday Energy: Internal Conflict

Have you ever been so angry that you cry? I could count on one hand how many times I have felt that way, and today was one of them.

I was born to be a positive force for everyone around me. I bring energy. I bring enthusiasm. I BRING LIGHT.

However, today…I found myself in a place I rarely step foot into. The worst part is that I wasn’t strong enough to bring myself out of it. How do you bring yourself out of the mass destruction that is happening inside you? There was moments where I wanted to scream, then run, then cry, maybe punch something, then be a sarcastic butt head, but I didn’t.

I held everything in. Remained as silent as I could. Completed my duties. Then left.

Now I find my internal conflict. I feel this urge to stand up for myself but also to not potentially ruin something with one day of anger. Everything I do is my choice, but did I make the right choice for myself by walking away rather than standing up for myself. I always believe that makes me the “bigger” person, but today my stubborn and proud self is telling me otherwise.

How do you deal with this, I ask myself. Am I right? Am I wrong? Is there a right or wrong answer? 

Some way  I will learn from today. How? Still not sure yet. Once I let go, I will know.

My mind seeks freedom. My prayers will be spoken. My heart will become calm. My light will shine again…

Here is to a new week with endless possibilities. As I Travel My Light, I hope you all try to do the same. Trust the process and be patient that your light is guiding you to your destiny. Travel Your Light, Be Authentic, Live Extraordinary.

Light it up this week!

All the best and much love,



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