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Sunday Energy – The Universe Conspires

The moment I chose to jump two feet in to follow my heart in pursuit of chasing my light was the moment my life would change dramatically.

In January, I made the commitment to myself to pursue my ultimate goal since I was young to play professional soccer. My vision holds strong in me playing internationally. Since then, everything about me and around me has been conforming to help me continue taking steps into a destiny I am still not completely sure of.

People ask me what I will do after graduation, and now more than ever I have the confidence and courage to tell them I am pursuing a risky, unknown path that could potentially not be in my favor. The ironic element is my perspective on how I view this situation. One sees this as a path to failure, disappointment, and more debt. I see it as a challenging, life changing, thrilling experience that is going to take me places I never could even dream of.

Life is about pursing what brings that light into your heart, your life, your world. I refuse to conform to what society is telling me to do. Yes, it will be challenging but isn’t that where we can learn from as far as experience goes? If you stay in your comfort zone, you are only neglecting yourself.

I am chasing my light. My fire is stronger now more than ever. Confidence is becoming more evident. Courage is growing. Self-belief is present.

The past three months have revealed a lot about myself and my perspective on my personal life. As I have taken chances, I have reaped rewards. The ironic encounters I have had with random people, places, experiences are putting a grin on my face because I know that is part of the package when you take leaps of faith.

Whether you have support or not, you must pursue your light. Be Bold and Travel Your Light. I am right now and what I have experienced thus far has been nothing but fascinating to me.


What is your light? What are you doing as action steps to get there? 

If anyone wants recommendations on the books I have been reading, please let me know I can post a list.

Here is to a new week with endless possibilities. As I Travel My Light, I hope you all try to do the same. Trust the process and be patient that your light is guiding you to your destiny. Travel Your Light, Be Authentic, Live Extraordinary.

All the best and much love,



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