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Recognize and Help Others

Our world can be a harmonious surface that allows us beings to be connected and flourishing in our own personal universe. I have been reading a lot of books on building self confidence and how to be a kick ass version of yourself, but now that I have read these books I am pondering on what I can do to pass along this information.

There are so many avenues that can be taken advantage of, but are we doing all that we can to help others? As a collegiate coach and mentor to my student athletes, I think it is important to teach these young woman life lessons that teach them how to gain new perspectives that can change their world.

As I continue to read these books, I have found that life is all about what you make it. You always have a choice on what your perspective is. What I have been noticing with my student athletes is their impatient reactions to situations that could be controlled more methodically if they chose to recognize that perspective. Not only is it important to recognize that you have a choice, but then you also have to be aware of what you have control of and what you don’t have control of. Sometimes we get so caught up in certain situations and let them take over our emotions but in reality we don’t have complete control over the final outcome. What do you have control over is your mind and how you view the situation. If you decide to seek light and keep your inner peace, you will discover a new way to live your life.

I want to continue to educate my student athletes on the simple ideas of life and how to seek light that can bring inner peace.

All the best and Much Love,



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