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Seek A Rich Way To Make You THRIVE!

As soon as I wake up in the morning, I make a point to tell myself (out loud) that “It is going to be a great day” and “I am going to make today great.” Then I get into my morning routine, always starting with some big gulps of water before I even leave my bed and then something small to eat for breakfast. Whether I am driving to work, walking before my workout, I always pray. “Get your mind right” is what I tell myself. Every single day I always thank the big man above for waking me up and allowing me to live another day on this beautiful planet. Instantly I get in a good mood. Then I recognize the sun, the cool breeze, and birds chirping with happiness. I soak it all in. Become present in the moment. Realize how blessed I am to be where I am and have the opportunities I do. This fuels my mentality to get started for my workout or go coach my collegiate team. This routine gives me the light I seek to help me thrive.

Ever hear of the sun being called “Yellow Energy?” If not, then you can simply make the choice to view it that way then BAM the sun is an energy source to you. I have always had the perspective that the sun is a form of energy that I can simply be in, soak it in through my pores, let it warm my body, lighten my heart, and create a sense of power within me that makes me feel alive. However, it was not always like this until I listened to an Gavin Degraw song and he called the sun “Yellow Energy,” and from there I made the decision to utilize a resource for my own personal benefit that had no cost to my bank account. Let me tell you, this resource has done WONDERS for me, and it can for you if you make the choice to let it! Again, life is all about perspective, and the beauty of that term is the FACT that we have a CHOICE. You make the choice on how you perceive something, and this perception of the sun is something that can turn around your stressful moment in a few moments. This wont be for everyone, however, my goal is to show you how I seek light, and this method doesn’t get any more obvious as far as “light” goes. Let the sun be an energizer for you. Give it a try, you never know what you may find. Focus your mind on absorbing the rays into your skin and powering your inner being to become vibrant and alive. This routine gives me the light I seek to help me thrive.

Positive Affirmations…ever try it? The power of the “I AM” statement is invaluable to self growth. What I started doing recently is going to YouTube and searching “Positive Affirmations” to start my day off. I read this in one of my books, and it is a simple way to create your mindset that you are already the things you want to be in the future. I see it as fueling my mind to be motivated to take on my day in a confident and determined manner. It never hurts to have reassurance about yourself, where you are, what you are doing, and where you want to go in life. I usually put one on and listen to it while I am in the shower or cooking my turkey bacon and eggs. It is convenient because I can continue with my morning routine while it plays in the background. This routine gives me the light I seek to help me thrive.

I hope some of this can help you see some light in your life. As I continue growing from the books I read, I will continue to share my thoughts and testimonials on what I learn.

Continue your journey to BE BOLD and LIVE EXTRAORDINARY!

As always with Much Love,



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