Fire Dance’N Challenge!

Do Something That Reminds You of Who You Are

I have always struggled to find the courage and confidence to shine in my true authentic light and not care what others say/think/do about it. I am constantly focusing on being my purest authentic self so I can be as close to living extraordinary as I can. This is part of my journey to Travel My Light.

I know I am my authentic self when I am in soccer. Fire Dance’N is simple way to express part of my authentic self. In doing so, I hope to connect with other people who feel the same way as I do.

This is for everyone who feels awkward, not confident, or shy to express their authentic self. Let’s support each other and show the world our authentic self through Fire Dance’N!

What do you do?

  • Pick a song.
  • Video yourself balancing your ball while pulling your best moves.
  • Post it on social media and tag @lightspiration
    • Use Hashtags: #FireDance’NChallenge #Lightspiration #BeAuthentic #LiveExtraordinary
  • The Pass Off.
    • Pass Off your dance move by “Challenging” someone else.
    • The person you challenge pulls your move first, then their own move.
    • They pass it off to someone else who pulls your move first, then their move.
    • And the inspiration continues!


Travel Your Light: Be Authentic and Live Extraordinary!